Friday, April 7, 2017

Inquiry: How does our Community use our Local Area?
Learning Intention:
We are going to use Data Squares to investigate how people in our local community use our local area.
Which attractions are most popular? Which attractions are least popular? Are there any attractions that we really need in our local area?

How can we find out about how people use our local area?
Here we are discussing:
What information we need to collect?
What questions should we ask?
How many people should we ask?
What age should the people be?
Who should we ask?
These are the questions we decided to ask:
  1. How do you spend most of your free time when you are not at school, work or home?
Choose one from :
Movies, Sports, Park, Beach, Shops, Library

2. Do you have a dog?

3. Are you a:

4. Do you go to:

Here we are analysing the data for our class:
The bar graph shows that sports had the highest number of squares for our class. Beach was the second highest.                      

Then we collected data for  other people
We predicted  what the graphs would show us.

We predicted that there would be more girls on library than boys.
We predicted that boys would have more data squares on sports than girls.
We have made a graph that says Sports and adults, Beach and adults,Sports and  primary or college and Beach and primary  or college.                                                                                                          
We did a graph but we found out that doing data squares would tell us more information.We predicted that boys would have more on sports than girls.yeah!
                               What do the data squares tell us about how people use the local area?

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